Stokeswood at Georgia Theatre

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Atlanta-based band Stokeswood returned to Athens last night in support of their new EP, ‘2075.’ The electronic pop/indie rock group filled the Georgia Theatre with a young crowd, and the driving dance beats created an energy that was tangible both on and off the stage.

Stokeswood wasn’t the only one to take the stage by storm, however. Athens-based band Walden opened for the group, bringing an energetic live performance that lit up the stage. Their unique cover of “Pumped Up Kicks” was a favorite of the night and had the whole crowd singing along. Following the young band was Wrenn, the quirky, Athens-native queen of pop. Her rich, vibrant vocals and nationally recognized beat-boxing were the perfect combination to get the crowd adequately stoked for Stokeswood.

The energy from Wrenn and Walden carried into Stokeswood’s opening set, which included “Tightrope Talent,” a catchy track off the album In The Field of Vibrations and their newest single “2075” off the album of the same title. As the buoyant electronic beats reverberated around the Theatre, lead vocalist Adam Patterson danced around the stage barefoot, showcasing his talent as he switched instruments during and between songs. This eclectic style brought an ethereal quality to the stage, making it easy to get lost in the band’s soulful musical stylings.

Other fan favorites of the night were “Our Streets” and “Forget,” both off of their newest album, 2075. If the vibrant dance beats weren’t enough to get the crowd pumped, then the colorful laser and light show that accompanied the music were more than adequate at getting the job done. The band put on a light show worthy enough to battle any Jedi and as colors of green, purple, yellow, red and blue filled the room, you couldn’t help but jump and dance along with the vibrant beats.

2075 was recently awarded Best Local Album by Creative Loafing and after their show last night, it’s no surprise why. With their variety of instruments, the band creates a sound that is both textured and soulful—a mesmerizing sound for any listener. From electronic pop to alternative and indie rock, Stokeswood encompasses a variety of genres, a factor that will help them continue to grow their fan base. With captivating performances like the one seen at GATH last night, there’s no telling what this diverse, lively group will uncover next.



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