Ricked Wicky (aka Robert Pollard) – “Tomfoole Terrific”

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It is endlessly astounding that Robert Pollard has any more music to give us. The former frontman for now-defunct Guided By Voices used the past few decades to build and polish his reputation as indie rock’s most stoned chatterbox, releasing over 20 LPs with room to spare. One wonders if Pollard is truly guided by voices who hail from a nearby astral plane, eager to be his muses. So despite GBV’s 2014 split, Pollard wasn’t going to let a silly break up stop him from recording new songs.

Singing Mountie spawn: our nation’s collective worst nightmare


Enter Ricked Wicky, Pollard’s new(ish) solo stage name. They’ve got a debut under their belt in I Sell The Circus, and their sophomore King Heavy Metal is slated for sometime this summer. (In between RW releases, Pollard unsurprisingly released a solo record under his own name a mere few months ago.) King Heavy Metal‘s lead single “Tomfoole Terrific” is Pollard-esque in every way – its loose, crunchy guitars sound like early Weezer surf metal, and ol’ Robbie’s familiar croak simmers underneath. As always, he sings in half thoughts and barely-remembered memories painted with an oft-used brush of vaguely Midwestern nostalgia. He may sound older and a little wearier, but he’s still got plenty on his mind. Hail, hail.

Listen to the song over at Stereogum, and keep your eyes peeled for King Heavy Metal.

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