Show Announcement: Nuçi’s Space Jam

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For several years, students in the Music Business program have put on Nuçi’s Space Jam during fall semester at the renowned Nuçi’s Space, a non-profit recording studio off of Oconee Street. Students are responsible for organizing the entire show from booking the bands to show production and everything in between. Typically, local bands are showcased as this event highlights the unique music scene in Athens. 

This unique event is meant to teach MBUS students about the process of planning an entire show while also celebrating the amazing music that is created in Athens by giving local bands the opportunity to perform and expand their fanbase.  Nuçi’s Space Jam is a recurring event throughout the semester, typically on a Monday in October or November.

The first show is Monday, October 11, and The Dazy Chains and Cam and his Dam Jam Band are headlining the event. The Dazy Chains are known for their diverse combination of psychedelic rock, grunge, and jazz and are very well known around Athens and Atlanta. They just released their debut album, “Electric Sunshine” on October 4th, so expect a special show featuring their new music that all of Athens is eager to hear and experience. Cam and his Dam Jam Band also falls into the psychedelic rock genre and is a very cherished jam band around Athens.  

Tickets are $5 and can be paid through Venmo at the door or beforehand. Doors open at 7:00 PM and the music starts at 8:00 PM. Masks are required, and parking is located across the street next to the School of Social Work parking lot. This event is perfect for anyone looking to support both the MBUS program and local Athens bands while enjoying unique psychedelic rock with two up-and-coming bands. 

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