Athens Artist Spotlight: Shameless James

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Based in Athens, Georgia, alternative rock trio Shameless James delivers a mixture of music genres to the city’s local venues and bars. The band is made up of Zac Connely on bass and vocals, Dallas Wiggins on drums, and Zach Tellano on guitar and vocals. Together, they’re diverse music tastes and inspirations creates a unique sound of melodic basslines, explosive drums, and soulful vocals with a hint of psychedelic sounds mixed with hard rock, metal, jam, and jazz influences. Each member’s unique music taste contributes to the band’s diverse genre that has a little bit of something for everyone. 

Their performances are energetic and dynamic as they always strive to keep the audience engaged with improvisation and ever changing setlists to keep each show a unique experience. Switching between genres keeps the audience’s attention and keeps them guessing what genre they could hear the band incorporate next into their set. Shameless James performs frequently around Athens and Atlanta at multiple venues such as the 40 Watt Club, Nowhere Bar, and Smith’s Olde Bar. They also performed and helped host an Earth Day Celebration event at Southern Brewing Company that raised $4,000 for The Eco-Incubator in Athens. 

Shameless James will be performing later this week on November 19th at The Roadhouse, and more shows are to be announced around Athens and Atlanta. 

You can check out their website here.

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