ACL Weekend 2: Let’s Do This

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Weekend 2 of Austin City Limits kicks off tomorrow, and I’m going to be on site for VM chatting with some bands, snapping pics of the crazies, and trying my best to see all the things at once while not losing my mind or dignity (yeah, wish me luck).

To get you (and myself, cause I need the motivation) ready for the weekend, I put together a playlist of some of the acts I’m excited for. Let us know in the comments who I missed so I can come high five you for introducing me to something new.

I love this playlist. Seriously.  It was fun to put together, and the songs are good. Pats on the back to ACL and myself. But I know some bitches gonna be throwing shame. SO, please see the following things I will not apologize for:

1. That Nero song makes me want to do backflips, so shut up.
2. Yes, Brand New is on there. Don’t judge. You remember high school, too.
3. Also yes, the Jose Gonzalez song I chose is The Knife’s “Heartbeats” cover. I know you’ve heard it, and I know it won’t be on the set list. Don’t care. Enjoy it again.
4. If you don’t like Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself,” go home.
5. The Weeknd is famous now, I understand. And “Can’t Feel My Face” might be the next good song that turned pop, got overplayed, and becomes annoying, but it’s not quite there yet (for me at least).
6. PSA: Deadmau5, pronounced: dead-mau-five (duh)
7. Did you guys know Halsey was bi? That makes me like her more and therefore, she made the playlist.
8. There is no Drake song included, so no comment.

Stay tuned! More unashamed excitement to come!

Michelle King is the executive manager and director of publicity at Noisy Ghost PR, based out of the Graveface Records headquarters in Savannah, GA. You can also find her blogging at She Turns the Tables, contributing music content at Posture Magazine, and obsessively streaming music on Spotify.

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