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In an age where the Internet reigns supreme, musicians are getting more and more comfortable garnering success via views and followers. When I think about online artists, one thing comes to mind: YouTube. YouTube musicians are in a league of their own, holding some of the biggest and most passionate followings in the music community. This playlist gathers up the best of the web, musicians and artists from YouTube who are using their view counts to make it big. These artists range in age from teen to full blown adult, and range in genre from rap to a cappella. Check out the best of the web and see why YouTube musicians are the next big thing in music, and hopefully you’ll find a new favorite.

You could say that Miranda Feneberger is a writer. More accurately, though, she is a hopeless romantic, an adventure seeker, a reality TV binge watcher, a cinematography appreciator, a lucid dreamer and a playlist-making addict. She aspires to someday get paid to do something she loves, though she is realistic and sticks with compensation via free concert tickets and occasional internet shout outs. If you follow her on Twitter, you'll know that she LOVES USING ALL CAPS AND OcCASIONAlLy SpELLS USING BoTH UPPER AND LoweRCaSE LETTERs FOR EMPHASIS. One day she will learn that this is relatively unprofessional behavior, but until then she will live life on the edge of the caps lock key. A list of her life idols would likely give you whiplash; including but not limited to geniuses such as William Shakespeare, Kanye West, Mindy Kaling, George Saunders and Hall & Oates. Her heart will always belong to Sherlock Holmes, but Anders Holm would be a close and well-received runner up. Oh yeah, she has been writing her own blog since 2011, which you can check out if you'd like. She'd love that.

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