Hilary Duff is a crazy schizo in her new music video for “Chasing the Sun”

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A long time coming (even though I had no idea this was even happening), Lizzie McGuire Hilary Duff has finally released a new single called “Chasing the Sun.”  Though it may not be “Come Clean,” and it’s definitely no “Hey Now,” it’s got a little something (not the least of which is Auto-Tune).

Not only do we have a new Duff track, but we also have a new music video!

In it, Hilary is a stressed-out, inappropriately-dressed-for-work (no way that skirt is longer than her fingertips) employee who keeps her pet hamster in her cubicle.

Clearly wanting an escape from her lame job and her less attractive co-workers, she fantasizes so much about going on vacation that she can’t keep her mind on what she is doing.  Clumsiness ensues, as she runs into walls, has the office creep rub mayonnaise all over her arms, and splashes water on her colleagues during a business meeting.  Oh, and she also almost spikes her hamster in its ball, because she thinks it’s a volleyball.  This woman should not own pets.

In the end, she gets fired, but what her manager should really be doing is sending her to a shrink to get evaluated in the likely chance that she has schizophrenia.  Seriously – someone get this girl some help.

On another note, Hilary looks gorg (love the hair), and there is a totally gratuitous selfie at the end of the video, so overall, nailed it.  This is what psych ward dreams are made of.

“Chasing the Sun” is the lead single off Hilary’s upcoming album to be released this Fall.

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