Street Style Profile: Kristine Leschper

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On a recent snowy day in Athens (I’m sure those of you in town remember it well), we met with local musician and art student, Kristine Leschper. Kristine is the irreverent and mysterious vocalist behind Mothers, and she’s just as interesting as her music. For this weeks street style review, we asked Kristine to wear an outfit with a story:

The Jacket:

“The jacket was my grandmothers in the 1940’s/50’s. I was at her house a few years ago looking through her incredible collections of clothing, art, and trinkets that she had gathered over the years. I told her how incredible the leather coat was, and she said, ‘take it – looks better on you!'”

The Ring:
“When I was eighteen my father gave me this ring, because he wanted to be the first boy to give me a diamond. “

I have to admit, I almost teared up a little when Kristine told the ring story…but I held it together for a short conversation to find out a little more about Kristine’s style and inspiration:

Vinyl Mag: First, what are a few of your favorite things?

Kristine Leschper: Bones, ivy plants, teeth, and winged insects.

VM: What/who influences your style, or what kind of things inspire the way you dress?

KL: I joke that I dress like a teenage boy in the 90’s. This outfit is pretty put together for me – I usually end up wearing a lot of corduroy shirts and denim jackets.

VM: What are you currently listening to?

KL: Angel Olsen’s “Tiny Desk Concert” on NPR… over and over.

VM: Are there any shows you’re excited to go see in the near future? (local or otherwise)

KL: I’m really stoked about Real Estate in March, and Daniel Rossen in April.

VM: Lastly (and most importantly), If you could pick a superpower what would it be?

KL: Invisibility!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Kristine’s music or amazing prints, follow the links below!

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Kristine’s music

Kristine’s Website



Aubrey Mascali is wanna-be fairy trapped in a human body who is intrigued by tiny things and collections of nature stuffs. She enjoys rainy days with a nice cup of tea and cuddling with her dog Nemo. Currently living and attending school at UGA in Athens GA, you can usually find her doing cliche townie things like thrifting for vintage dresses, walking through the local farmers market, and drinking mimosas at brunch. Aubrey’s keen on meeting new people and hearing their stories. If she were a color, she hopes it would be pink, and if she were music she’d want it to sound like Architecture in Helsinki on a good day and Grimes on a weird day. In her capacity as an art student, she enjoys taking photos, painting, weaving behind a loom or spending countless hours doing five year old art projects like gluing rocks to paper. She is currently working on her thesis exhibition which will be on view at the Lamar Dodd School of art in May 2015.

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