Street Style Profile: Nikki Curry

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Nikki Curry is pretty awesome…it’s that simple, y’all. She’s got this modern, effortless cool and also happens to be at the same time a very sweet and relatable person. Not to mention she’s got great taste, and that’s why we are so excited to show it off a little this week on our Street Style Profile. Read on, and hear about how Nikki approaches dress, what her current influences are, and special bonus: she shares her secret to getting perfect hair.

But wait, there’s more! Scroll down to hear Nikki’s super-special playlist-of-the-week!

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to think of my personal style as a mix of messy, comfortable, haphazard, and occasionally too short and tight. I stick with a pretty strict palette: whites, blacks, and dark, muted colors. Most of my outfits are layered. Like, if I wear a dress, I’ll always wear a t-shirt (knotted) over it, and then I’ll put a jacket on and tie a sweater around my waist, and of course thick socks with either boots or sandals (!). But really it just comes down to that fact that I just dress for myself and wear what I think looks good.



Do you have a piece with a special story attached?

I was recently given a necklace from a friend. She gave to me as a thank-you for letting her stay at my house for a few days. It’s a small glass vial on some twine, and inside are two squirrel bones, a piece of a wasp nest, and a few hydrangea petals. I wear with it just about everything! We just became friends last Fall, but she’s from my hometown, so it’s a long-distance thing. It sucks since we only get to hang out every few months, but when we do we just sit and talk for hours. I also like having it close, because I feel like it’s a sweet memento from our friendship, and she’s not a person I get to see very often. She’s actually moving back to Maine at the end of the year, and I’m bummed but also super happy she’s taking her life where she wants to go.


Who or what are your current influences- artistic and otherwise?

In regards to fashion, I’ve really been into late 90’s Comme de Garcons, as well as late 90’s Bjork, and of course, Kathleen Hanna and the whole riot grrl movement, also from the 90’s. And it’s not that I’m necessarily trying to emulate or recreate those looks or people, but I think being exposed to and enjoying those kinds of aesthetics have really started pushing my own style somewhere bolder and weirder. I just hope I never stop. Like is there even a stopping point? When are you too weird? I don’t think that’s possible.

I would honestly have to say that my artistic influences are really coming from the community of artists and just really weird shit I see on tumblr. It’s seriously the one website I can go to that provides images, art, essays, etc., that are totally tailored for my personal consumption.


What is one weird thing not a lot of people know about you?

I never wash my hair. Okay, I wash it like once a week. My hair was silver over the summer, so I just got into the habit of washing my hair once, maybe twice a week. The habit and stuck, and here I am. But I just wanna let everyone know that this is the secret. Do you want texture, volume, and for it to stay in place? Just stop washing your hair, or at least stop shampooing. Also, invest in lots of cans of dry shampoo.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I really want to go to Greece. I have a friend who’s gone the past two summers, and all of her pictures are so gorgeous. Not to mention all of the amazing food! Actually, a food and wine tour through Europe would be great, too.

Do you have a rule you live by, or any words of wisdom?​

I guess I always try to trust my gut. Like, there’s a reason I’m immediately drawn to something or choose something first. You just really need to trust yourself when it comes to your style and art making. If something feels right, then it is.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Out of Athens, haha. I mean, I love this town, and it’s been great to me, but I’m definitely ready to move on and move North. I’ve really been thinking about Philadelphia as my next stop, or maybe Portland, but really just any big city doing something creative. The dream, right?​


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Aubrey Mascali is wanna-be fairy trapped in a human body who is intrigued by tiny things and collections of nature stuffs. She enjoys rainy days with a nice cup of tea and cuddling with her dog Nemo. Currently living and attending school at UGA in Athens GA, you can usually find her doing cliche townie things like thrifting for vintage dresses, walking through the local farmers market, and drinking mimosas at brunch. Aubrey’s keen on meeting new people and hearing their stories. If she were a color, she hopes it would be pink, and if she were music she’d want it to sound like Architecture in Helsinki on a good day and Grimes on a weird day. In her capacity as an art student, she enjoys taking photos, painting, weaving behind a loom or spending countless hours doing five year old art projects like gluing rocks to paper. She is currently working on her thesis exhibition which will be on view at the Lamar Dodd School of art in May 2015.

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