REVIEW: Grievances and Quiet Hands split

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I got a dual split record for you guys, and between Grievances and Quiet Hands, this is some hard and extreme punk. Grievances’ home state is Georgia, and they’ve been kickin’ it for about a year now. They are currently secluded away and generously writing more for you listeners. Quiet Hands is from Gulfport, Missouri.   Judging from the date they joined Facebook, they’ve been around for about two years.

On to the album- the two bands recently released a split in June, and you should check it out- granted it’s a little rough, but it definitely has potential. Grievances’ recording is a little cleaner; the standout song is “To Kill a Titan” (they have the first three songs on the album).  I giggled a bit to the outro of “Occupy the Ocean”… the excerpt states “They don’t give a f*ck about you… they don’t give a f*ck about you/ They don’t care about you at all, at all… At all… and nobody seems to notice/ Nobody seems to care.”  For those of you who didn’t get it, the excerpt is a distorted clip from “American Dream”, a speech by George Carlin.

Quiet Hands has the next four tracks, and the recordings are a little more raw. They are all relatively short, except for the last song, “But It’s Far From Over”, which starts off slow, melodic, and calm, then gets heavy, (I love it when bands do that), and then finally fades out quietly. “Now It’s Time” has some great guitar riffs and harmonies, and it feeds into “But It’s Far From Over”, (put the two song names together…could this be a statement?).  After listening to this EP, I do have to say that I wish the tracks weren’t so muddy. They have some great potential in their music- all it needs is a little spitshine.

Both bands stem from each other (which makes sense for a split album). How this dual album came to be and how these guys met each other, I couldn’t tell you.  Yet they both ended up under Divine Mother Recordings. Both bands have heavy, heavy guitars and blast beat drums in their songs, along with some br00tal screamz. If you can handle the raw quality of these tracks, you should give them a listen.


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