PREVIEW: September Call-Up’s self-titled

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Hey guys and gals – September Call-Up (formerly releasing as Christian Bitto) is back to introduce a few new songs from his upcoming full-length album September Call-Up to be released later this year under the name.  Bitto is going on a mini-tour this month and will be giving away his three promo songs that are on the album (hell yes).

First song on the album is called “Ghost”.  It has a steady driven beat that eventually calms down to slow verses, accented by subtle bass and drums, as well as a soft strum of guitar.  Towards the end of the song, Bitto’s sings, “I don’t need a ghost that makes me afraid/I don’t need a ghost tells me where to lay/I don’t need a ghost tells me when to pray/ I don’t need a ghost/Don’t need a ghost/I’ll pray to ghosts at night/They’ll keep me/ Safe/.”  Interpret this however you wish, but I took it as a commentary about outside influences controlling people’s beliefs and actions.  The message is subtly powerful, and Bitto delivers it without cramming it down your throat.

The second song is called “Song No. 3”.  This song, also slower paced and driving, is strong but not loud.  It sounds so melancholy and apologetic; yet towards the end, Bitto’s emotion definitely shines through as his voice gets a little grittier.

The last song of the promo is called “Our First Fall”.  It’s fully acoustic – just Bitto and his guitar.  This is my favorite of the three.  If the title doesn’t tell you, the song is about lovers parting.  I love the simplicity of songs like this – just two music entities put together in perfect synergy… “Time stops when the camera clicks/You sit quietly, bite your lip/Forever stays forever in a picture frame/It’s not the same/Time stops when the camera clicks/You cry angrily, clinch your fists/This isn’t it, this is not okay/My perfect life a picture frame/Picture frame/.”  How can lyrics like that not get you?

Tour Dates:

Jan 18- VIP Taproom, Bethlehem PA
Jan 19- Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY
Jan 20- Stella Blues (with special guests No Program, Samantha Benderoth Band), New Haven CT

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