Sun Seeker Tour Diary + Interview: Shaky Knees 2017

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Full. Chill. Mode. Three words that could describe Sun Seeker’s afternoon Shaky Knees set, our hang with these guys, their time enjoying the fest, and (last but not least) their music. Alex Benick (Vocals/Guitar),  Asher Horton (Bass), Ben Parks (Drums), and Rodrigo Avenda (Keyboard) took some time to have a chat with us about what they have coming up this summer. Read all the details below and check out Sun Seeker’s Tour Diary from when they took one of our disposable cameras for a wild behind the scenes ride.

Vinyl Mag: Hey guys, so this is your first time at Shaky Knees?

Sun Seeker: It is! We love it. And to me it’s the best festival lineup of the summer.

VM: We definitely can agree on that. You guys just played today and had an awesome afternoon set. Is there anyone in particular you’re looking forward to seeing?

SS: We really enjoyed Courtney Barnett, David Byrne, Fleet Foxes yesterday. We’re excited about Parquet Courts, War on Drugs, we like Alvvays a lot. There’s just so much to remember…Also Post Animal tonight late night.

VM: I know you are about to start working on a new album…

SS: We are recording it in our hometown. I don’t know all the details I can share at this moment, but we can say that yes we are starting to record this summer.

VM: Do you have any other summer plans?

SS: That is all we’re really wanting to do and focus on that. We have some scattered festivals but it’s really that. We’ve been demoing a lot, Alex has been composing songs, and we have all been getting together a lot to write parts and figuring stuff out. That’s a really good head space for us to be in so we’re just going to be focusing for awhile.

VM: Well, we are looking forward to hearing what comes next from you guys. When it comes to your sound as a band, I’ve read quite a few times your music being called “Cosmic Americanna.” I did recently also read that you never stated that your music be labeled as such. So, in three words or less how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

SS: Chill, pretty, music. I’ll use music as one of the words to avoid any sort of confusion. It is music. Or at least what we know to be. You can get really conceptual about it. It could be spoken word.

Self aware earnestness.

We came for the whole weekend to just play the day. We are in full chill mode. Just like our music: Full. Chill. Mode.


Click through to see Sun Seeker’s disposable camera tour diary below!

Daddy’s Dogs, our pre-game huddle.

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