Track Premiere: Saw Black – “Mama Knows”

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Are you feeling comfortable right now? Wrapping up in a blanket might be the best move for listening to this one. Richmond, VA folk artist Saw Black’s new single “Mama Knows” is so pillowy and lush, that anything less than your coziest outfit will seem out of place once you press play. While his voice never falters, it feels he also never raises his voice any more than necessary to deliver his heartfelt narrative. It’s as if the song was engineered to create feelings of calm in the listener. To the songs extreme benefit, the synths recall a more sedate sitar part from a Revolver era Beatles song—sort of like a vaguely vaporwave-esque “Tomorrow Never Knows” sample. It all adds up to being the aural equivalent of a big cup of hot chocolate in the best way possible. Or maybe like floating in the air/through the clouds like a cheerleader as suggested by the album’s artwork.

You can pre-order Saw Black’s upcoming (and most likely extremely comfortable feeling) LP Water Tower from War Hen Records/Crystal Pistol Records here.

And you can stream the song here and below:


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