Artist to Watch: Marcus King Band

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Only a few individuals exist who have true musical talent rooted into the heart of their soul and in every cell of their body. Not only can such a person play instruments or have a nice voice, but it is apparent that music is what drives them. Marcus King of The Marcus King Band is in this special category of musician and anyone who has ears will be able to come to the same conclusion.


Performing with his father in Greenville, South Carolina, King grew up with strong music influences. His American roots run deep with blues, R&B, soul, and southern rock. Not only can you hear hints of all these genres in his music, but the lyrics to his songs are equipped with Marcus King’s life story; a story that begins in 2015 with The Marcus King Band’s debut album, Soul Insight.

Their new self-titled release is a fiery LP (Fantasy Records) produced by Warren Haynes.

The band is quickly gaining recognition from all areas of music industry influencers and fans. At only 20 years old, Marcus King has put together a portfolio of songs that is comparable to musicians with many more years under their belts. There is no deciphering or understanding of how King could has so much talent; it is truly an inspirational gift.

Listening to the track “Self-Hatred” off of the new album makes for a strong desire to see the band live. This one track alone covers an array of experiences by using all of the instruments in their repertoire; of which include: Jack Ryan on drums and percussion, Stephen Campbell on bass, Matt Jennings on keys and organ, Dean Mitchell on saxophone, and Justin Johnson on trumpet, trombone and backing vocals. 

Marcus King Band is on tour now! Trust us when we say, you do not want to miss these guys if they come to a city near you!



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