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At just 20 years old, Alessia Cara already has three certified singles under her belt, one of which is double platinum “Here,” which rocketed the singer-songwriter to pop stardom. Currently wrapping up touring for her debut album Know-It-All, Cara took some time to talk to Vinyl about her latest single and what fans can expect from her next record.

VM: First let’s talk about “Scars to Your Beautiful.” It’s a great song with a beautiful message. What inspired you to start a sort of self-love campaign surrounding the single?

AC: That’s exactly what the song is, you know, it’s a self-love song. It’s about tough love and embracing yourself and all different kinds of beauty. Of course I’m not 100 percent perfect at it but actions should always match words, which is why I’m doing stuff like not wearing makeup during TV performances.

VM: It’s climbing the charts. Congratulations on that. Canadians are all over the pop charts in the United States right now. You, Shawn [Mendes], Justin [Bieber], Drake, The Weeknd… when you come to the U.S., is there anything you miss about Canada?

AC: Tim Hortons. It’s a better, cooler version of Starbucks.

VM: Are you working on album number two? 

AC: As an artist, you’re always creating. I haven’t had time to lay anything down in the studio yet, but I’m plotting it out.

VM: What’s the vibe? Is it more R&B or pop or are you experimenting with your sound?

AC: It’s hard to tell right now because everything is acoustic. A lot of it sounds like my usual stuff, and there’s a lot of soulful stuff too, which is my roots.

VM: When you make your music are there any artists you look to for inspiration?

AC: There are artists who have their own sound, like Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse, and Drake. They have an identity; you can always tell it’s them. I try to make music so that you would you be able to tell it’s me.

VM: Any new albums you’re into?

AC: There’s so much new music. Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Anderson .Paak’s Malibu, Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book, JoJo’s new album, and Banks’ new album.

VM: What’s an album you never get tired of?

AC: Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.

VM: If you could bring back one artist from the dead who would you pick?

AC: Amy Winehouse.

VM: Acoustic or electric guitar?

AC: Electric.

VM: Coffee or tea?

AC: Coffee.

VM: Take Care or Nothing Was the Same?

AC: Take Care.

VM: Prince or MJ?

AC: Prince for musicianship. MJ for his presence.

VM: TLC or Destiny’s Child?

AC: Destiny’s Child.

VM: Since it’s almost Halloween we’ll end with this one. What’s your favorite scary movie?

AC: None of them. I hate scary movies.

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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


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