Your Finals Pop Playlist

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Pop Songs for the Various Stages of Finals

Realizing Finals Are Right Around the Corner

1. “Be Calm” – fun.
For when you forget you have a cumulative final tomorrow morning…and you’re out downtown.

2. “Everything’s Just Wonderful” – Lily Allen
Sometimes being delusional helps, or maybe you’re about to graduate and really don’t care.

3. “Treading Water” – Alex Clare
Your grades are probably alright, stick to what you’re doing.

4. “Forget” – Marina and The Diamonds
This can go both ways, you either forget about the existence of finals or you’ve already forgotten everything you learned last week in the review session.

5. “More Than A Miracle” – MNEK
Yup, it’s definitely going to take more than a miracle to pull that C to an A-.

6. “Get Myself Together” – Robyn
Some schools have a week to prepare for finals. You have two days to remember the entire semester.

After A Night of Hardcore Stu(dying)

7. “Recover” – Chvrches
“It can be over / or we can just leave it here”

8. “Move in the Right Direction” – Gossip
“Motivation a powerful strength / Hesitation was my first instinct”

9. “Technicolor Dreaming”  – Cardiknox
“I learned everything I know from watching movies”

10. “Crying for No Reason” – Katy B
“I push all my problems to the back of my mind”

11. “So Over You” – Charli XCX
An ode to finals: “I’m so over you”

12. “Back and Forth” – Operator Please
“Give it up for all the times I’ve drawn short”

13. “I Blame Myself” – Sky Ferreira
“You don’t understand that I blame myself”

14. “U Got the Power” – Swiss Lips
“All things are going against you / We’ll fight them in the avenues”

Waiting for grades

15. “Waiting Game” – Banks
The hardest part of the semester is waiting for those final grades to be put up a week after the exam

16. “Out of My League” – Fitz & the Tantrums
That A definitely isn’t happening now; there’s always next semester

17. “Let Me Down Gently” – La Roux
For when you have to tell your parents about that unexpected C

18. “Lean On” – Major Lazer
You’ll need to lean on your friends after you go downtown to de-stress.

19. “Sometimes” – The Noisettes
Forget that final you just bombed and go on to the next one

20. “Trying to Be Cool” – Phoenix
For when you’re pretending like that test was easy around your friends

21. “Sail On” – Ryn Weaver
Just in case you have that one awesome professor who doesn’t believe in the evil of finals

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