Watch: Deerhoof: “Paradise Girls”

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Not entirely sure what I’m watching, but I’ve watched it at least five times already.

Tuesday, rock band Deerhoof released the video for their latest single, “Paradise Girls.” The song appears on their full-length album, La Isla Bonita.  While the song seems to have a focus on the instrumentals with hardly any lyrics other than the same chant of “giiiirls” and “you are smart” among other little snippets, the video is extremely intriguing. For one, there are girls prancing around in costumes that look similar to the creature in that movie “Slither,” and there’s a primary woman throughout the whole video who has some incredibly bright eye shadow and lipstick.

She prances and dances around singing the three-four chants – to a dance-provoking beat that reminds one of tUnE-yArDs – while the others looking like Teletubbies rolling down a grass hill.  In a turn of events, the girls give birth to themselves in a sense, breaking their heads out of the cocoon that they were fully wrapped in.

Needless to say, the video will make you stay, the music will make you replay, and the dance moves will drive you…cray.

Check out Deerhoof’s “Paradise Girls” below, and check out their new album, La Isla Bonita via iTunes!


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