Watch: Daddy: “This Charming Man”

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James Franco and his art school classmate, Tim O’Keefe, make up the band Daddy, and Thursday, they showed everyone exactly who their daddy was when they released the video for their new single, “This Charming Man.”

The video – debuted via VICE – is more than a music video, though. Cast through an assortment of colors, shades, hues and shadows, it is evident the artistic angle in which the video was filmed. The song itself is reported to be based on a ten-poem sequence written by Franco that was inspired by The Smiths songs, including “This Charming Man.”  Daddy even got The Smith’s bassist, Andy Rourke, to play on the album.

The band’s Smith-inspired album, Let Me Get What I Want, comes out in 2015. Check out “This Charming Man” below!


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