Watch: Cara Delevingne and Topshop wish us Happy Holidays

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Any true Vinyl Mag fan knows that when we see anything about Cara Delevingne, we go crazy (doesn’t everyone?).  And that is what just happened.

Recently, women’s mecca Topshop released a promo video for its holiday campaign starring none other than everyone’s favorite It Girl model! The video is one minute and 35 seconds of absolute perfection!  Dancing, playing a melodica, the funky kaleidoscope-like effects on the screen: all what make Cara even more awesome and badass in our eyes.

Seriously, Cara.  Let’s be friends.

Forget the hula hoop and the dancing though.  The best part of the video? The clothes. I truly NEED that embellished bandeau jumpsuit, not to mention the faux fur snake skin coat.

Besides the killer duds, the other glory of the campaign, in my opinion, is in the faces that Cara makes throughout the video. I mean, don’t we all wish we scrunch our noses up without looking bitchy and/or constipated?

The video is topped off with The Cars “Just What I Needed,” perfectly echoing our sentiments.

Yes, Cara. Yes, Topshop.  You are just what we needed.


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