Cut Copy at Variety Playhouse

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When Australian vocalist Dan Whitford of Cut Copy announced on stage Tuesday night that, based on his observations, Atlanta loves to party, the crowd at Variety Playhouse went out of their way to uphold their reputation.

The sold-out show also featured CLASSIXX, a nu-disco duo from Los Angeles who played songs from their latest LP, Hanging Gardens. The set included a few different female vocalists who were present in spirit on a large futuristic TV screen. Tracks like “All You’re Waiting For” and “A Stranger Love” were fun and poppy, yet intricate and unique. Faster songs like “I’ll Get You” featured the question, “do you like bass?” and judging by the crowds enthusiastic dancing, I think it’s safe to say the answer is yes.

All photos by Michelle King

By the time Cut Copy took the stage, the audience was warmed up and ready for more. As the Aussies provided the party noise, the crowd was expected to bring the boogie.  While the title of their most recent album, Free Your Mind, was projected in the background, Cut Copy only played a few tracks from the record. One of which being “Let Me Show You Love,” a trippy feel-good song paired with a black and white spiral background that was enough to put anyone in a trance. “In Memory Capsule” featured a skippy synthesized beat that the audience had great fun dancing along to, but the track ended with too much guitar distortion.

Audience members were appreciative of throwbacks like “Where I’m Going” from their previous album, Zonoscope, and sang along devotedly, but the real climax of the show was when Cut Copy played uber-hit “Hearts on Fire” from the 2008 album, In Ghost Colours, that featured enjoyable samples of saxophone. As Whitford sang, “with hearts on fire, I reach out to you tonight,” arms extended out to the crowd with the audience reciprocating, the positive energy was absolutely infectious.

“Out There On The Ice” was one of the most fast paced and intricate songs of the evening. By the end of the song, Cut Copy was all over the place, chaotically running around stage, playing each others instruments, climbing on top of equipment and jumping off while accompanied by sirens and fast-paced beats. “Lights and Music,” a song about second chances for the sake of a good time, also proved to be energetic enough to get everyone moving.

The band is no stranger to Atlanta, having recorded the previous album, Zonoscope, with local producer Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, Matt & Kim), who happened to be in attendance. This could possibly explain the proclivity for merrymaking that Whitford has come to expect from the people of Atlanta, but one thing’s for sure – Cut Copy’s symbiotic relationship with their audience made for one great party.

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