REVIEW: TRC’s The Story So Far

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I have an interesting mix for you guys.  I’m here to introduce London’s TRC with their debut U.S album release called The Story So Far. Here’s where it gets crazy…

Step one: Take the band Touché Amoré and add a full cup of British accent.

Step Two: Stir in a tablespoon of Bring Me the Horizon.

Step Three: Throw in just a pinch of Bullet For My Valentine.

Combine and let it come to a boil, then simmer. And there you have it… this is what TRC is made of.

TRC has made an impact in the UK underground music scene and are now here to see what ruckus they can kick up in the states.  They signed in May with No Sleep Records, through which they are releasing TSSF.  TRC is actually an acronym for “The Revolution Continues.” Their singles “Go Hard or Go Home” and “H.A.T.E.R.S.” have turned eyes on them in the UK and deemed them pioneers for the newest and eagerly anticipated wave of hardcore. Their latest single off of The Story So Far album, “#TEAMUK”, landed the band with a nomination for this years Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award as Best UK Band.

“Bastard” is probably one of my favorites on the album. I like the riffs and chords they use.  Can I just say that I personally love UK hardcore bands? BMTH, Enter Shikari, Asking Alexandria… Just having the heavy accent adds that little tweak of difference from US hardcore bands, and they’re so catchy.

“London’s Greatest Love Story” is a great song for those with relationship woes, and it’s excellent to relate to. It’s a song about a guy lying to a girl that loves him, all the things he’s done behind her back, and how he wishes he never did any of it.  Given the chance could I go back/and unbreak promises littered with mistakes/cause I’m telling her fiction/but Facebook pics are making me the villain/for testing waters where mermaids wait/blowing hot and cold/yeah they’re hot for a day/but what I’m left with is a keepsake/as my love boat floats away.

So, uhhmerica, tell me what you think of these across-the-pond-ers and if you can get down to their music. After a couple of listens, I definitely can! The Revolution Continues…

Members and Twitters:

Chris Robson – Vocals – @trcofficial

Anthony Carroll – Vocals – @anthonytrc

Charlie Wilson – Guitar – @CharlieTRC

Ben Taylor Dingwall – Guitar – @BenDingersTRC

Oliver Reece – Bass – @OliverReeceTRC

Lasselle Lewis – Drums – @BlacklavendaTRC

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