Street Style Profile: Sydney Eloise

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Photos by Chandler Galloway

Sydney Eloise is an Atlanta singer and songwriter with a little something special. She is charming and bubbly, confident and humble. She is the kind of girl that can pull anything off and seems to do so in quite a flawless way. So naturally, we were dying to know more about her method of dress and of life- and make sure to scroll to the links below to put a voice to the name of Sydney Eloise.

How do you approach dress and what influences your personal style?

Dressing is expressing how I am feeling that day. I have always enjoyed using clothing as a reflection of my personality and character. I adore vintage and most anything from my grandmother’s closet. I feel my vibe is usually disco earthy. I love mostly mixing with just a little matching.

Do you have something that you wear with a special story attached?

The vest I am wearing in that delectable pink Goodwill prom dress is actually my grandfathers- my grandmother made it for him. My grandparents owed their own dance studio, Rico’s International School of Dancing, and my grandmother made all of their outfits. Though I never had the chance of meeting my grandpa Rico – wearing his vest makes me feel a part of him and close to my family…and also extremely groovy.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to and how has it influenced you?

Ah, that’s a tough one. I would say it is a tie between Spain and Morocco. Both are so rich in culture and spiciness. Morocco blew my mind, and I felt I was on another planet. All of my worldly travels will forever shape me and change me, and I am grateful to continue adapting and growing.

What are some of your favorite places around ATL to eat/shop/see a show?

Being a city gal most of my life I would say I still love hanging out at Piedmont Park on nice afternoons and seeing a good show at The Earl in East Atlanta Village after sundown. Most of my shopping happens at thrift stores, and there is always Rag-O-Rama in L5Ps with some rare finds.

You write all your own music. Can you tell us a little about your process and how you approach writing a new song?

If I am lucky, the song writes itself. The process is never the same. Most of my songs are written about situations in my life or stories overheard that have happened months before- I think it takes my brain a bit of time to process everything and put it out into song.

Do you have any exciting projects/songs you’re currently working ?

I do! I am currently recording at The Cottage in East Atlanta with Damon Moon working on some new music. I feel I have really honed my sound and writing style over the last year and feel great readiness to share it with the world…  There’s no real timeline for that right now, but I’m looking forward to the day! In the meantime, I am practicing with my very talented and handsome band, and we’re looking forward to playing a lot of shows this summer in ATL.

Ok get ready- big question: What are some of your future life goals?

My life goal is to be happy. To be around loving people all the time. I have a love for children and teaching, and I hope to be running a Montessori School in my old age. Until then- it’s just make great records, write songs,  travel, and enjoy the ride.


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