Top 15 Artists to Watch: Shaky Knees 2018

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"Courtesy of aLIVE Coverage"

“Courtesy of aLIVE Coverage”

Shaky Knees season is upon us. If you have your tickets and don’t quite know who to go see tomorrow (or if you’re wondering if you’d like to jump on it last-minute) we present to you our 15 picks for emerging artists who we believe are most worth your time (and sweat!) at this wonderful festival:

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

In the mood for danceable garage rock? Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever‘s nonlinear jangle and driving blend of indie rock will definitely get the pit to a rolling boil. Excuse all the coffee puns, but the energy that this band exudes might perk you up more than any espresso ever could.


If you’re in the mood for more of a more contemplative set, Welles might be more your speed. Plain spoken, matter of fact lyrics paired with expansive, driving Americana influenced rock all add up to an engrossing show with an emphasis on lyrical content. Read up on our track by track of Welles’ debut EP ‘Codeine’ here.

Marlon Williams

If you want something even quieter, maybe even a show you can sit down at, look out for New Zealand’s Marlon Williams‘ set. Eschewing the country trappings for more lushly orchestrated quietly beautiful folk songs, Williams’ vocals take the forefront. His widely praised distinctive singing voice both calms and enraptures, so if you’re looking to cozy up for a while, you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere better.

Amasa Hines

Amasa Hines is a band, not a person. Not only are they a band: they’re a tight knit unit drawing on influences ranging from James Brown,  TV on the Radio, and DIIV. Being omnivorous with their influence is what gives them an edge: they can ride on waves of feedback but the soulful delivery of the lyrics will ensure that no one is looking at their shoes while the waves of sound hit you from the stage.

Sun Seeker

Now, I was tempted to use the analogy of a bowl of southern-ass grits falling on the band Pavement, but the fact that they’re hot enough to get signed to Jack White‘s label Third Man Records should be enough to entice fans of both the Nashville Sound and slacker rock fans alike.

Charly Bliss

VHS filters are all the rage lately. But. Can they wear it well? With Charly Bliss the answer is a resounding YES! Mining the poppier aspects of ’90s college rock with a millenial sense of irony and purpose, Charly Bliss make throwback rock for folks who know that you need some substance underneath your Instagram filter.


When we talk about #clout, sometimes it just means having been at the right place at the right time. Who knows, but Broncho‘s music has been on multiple television shows like Girls and Santa Clarita Diet. Their lightly atmospheric mood music is a great accompaniment to a rose tinted afternoon in the Atlanta heat.

The Voidz

You can’t talk about the Voidz without mentioning that their front man is the one and only Julian Casablancas of Strokes fame (and one-time Shaky Knees headliner). However the Voidz are very much NOT the Strokes. With noisy, dense electronic arrangements, hair metal pastiche, and sheer madness making up their solid as hell second album, their tight live show will definitely be a sight to behold, especially for all those Julian fans out there.

Mt. Joy

Folk rock anyone? Philadelphia’s Mt. Joy deliver in spades. Still riding high on the viral success of their “Deadhead Jesus” song “Astrovan”, deliver slightly jaded, punchdrunk singalong music for those of us who want some rootsy fun, but aren’t shy about dishing the dirt with stories about addiction and growing up.

Wild Reeds

Now, did you think that we’d let the country genre slip through the cracks? Not with Wild ReedsWith rich, diverse instrumentation and beautiful vocal harmonies, their brisk, slightly experimental take on country rock should appeal to both un-ironic and ironic wearers of cowboy boots alike!

Post Animal

Who’s ready to rock out again? Post Animal have you covered. With strains of Thee Oh Sees, Pink Floyd, and King Tuff, the moshers in your friend group are likely to go wild alongside your more psyche tinged folks in the crowd.

Greta Van Fleet

More rock! Here at Vinyl Mag we’re no strangers to Greta Van Fleet‘s similarities to Led Zeppelin. If you’re in the mood for some ’70s throwback you have come to the right place. Bluesy guitars: check. High pitched screamalong vocals: check. Ready to get down in a sweaty mosh pit? You decide.

Frankie Rose

After all of that rock and roll I might need a chill pill. Do you like the Cocteau Twins? In that case look for Frankie Rose‘s set. They’ve got a swirling dream pop vibe that might be just what you need to cool down from some moshing—or coming up on some other stuff. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll definitely feel like you’re floating by the end of Frankie’s set.


While Shaky Knees is more rock focused, that doesn’t mean that fans of electronic music need to feel left out. Enter Madrid’s prodigal son Bayonne: electronic wunderkind. With pulsating and dense arrangements, if you don’t feel tempted to dance, just take all the layers in. Bayonne’s ear for samples and texture is bound to engross even the most skeptical listener.

Teenage Wrist

Teenage Wrists name may imply some sort of unlearned youthfulness, but don’t be fooled—these boys make heavy rock that has been polished to a metallic sheen. Makes sense since they’re signed to Epitaph who have handled releases from the likes of Alkaline Trio and A Day to Remember. 


No matter who you go see, make sure to take the time to maximize your enjoyment at the festival by staying hydrated and wearing ample UV protection! Happy Shaky Knees season, everyone!

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