WATCH: Childish Gambino: “Sober”

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Childish Gambino is known for making music that is definitely not average. With the release of his October 2014 EP Kauai/gangsta grillz mixtape STN MTN (standing for Stone Mountain, Georgia, his hometown), Gambino doesn’t disappoint.

Today, the video for one Kauai track -“Sober” – was released, and it includes the same film-making techniques – like shooting from innovative angles and quirky Gambino acting that fans have seen in past videos – especially for because the internet tracks.  The video revolves around an extremely high Gambino trying to woo a girl in an empty restaurant with some pretty sweet moves to go in tune with the catchy, elevator-esque beat that makes “Sober.” There is a change in tempo in the song to a harder, more bass-boosted beat and includes Gambino killing some dances moves on a table.

The pursuit for the girl doesn’t end so well for Gambino though – she finally dances a step, then grabs her to-go order and leaves Gambino back in the same spot he was when the video began. Sad, high, and alone.

It’s okay, Gambino. That was one of the sickest finger moon-walks I’ve ever seen. Check out “Sober” for yourself below!

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