The Delta Riggs: ‘Dipz Zebazios’

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Bored with your current playlist? Looking for an album of pure gold? Look no further.

Australian-based band The Delta Riggs have just released their newest album, Dipz Zebazios, and there’s a good chance it will blow your mind.

The psychedelic rockers, self-described as “Outerspace Australians” on Instagram, are set to open for a Foo Fighters stadium tour in their home country, along with popular punk rock band, Rise Against. Although the band has garnered attention at home, they seem to be a hidden gem overseas.

Dipz Zebazios is The Delta Riggs’ fourth studio album since their first self-titled EP in 2010.

Comparable to fellow psych-rock band Tame Impala, they most definitely know how to successfully blend trippy with catchy, as heard in the album’s first single, “Supersonic Casualties” and the ultra-acid, likely hit, “From My Mould”.

However, Dipz Zebazios isn’t lacking a bit in voltage. Songs like the album’s second single, “The Record’s Flawed”, and super-charged “Telescope House”, offer upbeat electric guitar riffs that would be recommended for fans of The Black Keys. On the other hand, “No Friends” is reminiscent of carefree punk greats, like The Stooges and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And yet again, the album seems to hook the audience with slower songs that are strong reminders of the same type of dreamy feels of Portugal. The Man. Specifically, in “Ornate Delicate Creatures”,“Star Eyed Families”, and album closer, “From Above”.

On top of it all, lead singer Elliott Hammond, former instrumentalist for Wolfmother, shares striking similarities with fellow accent-baring vocalists Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and Liam Gallagher of Oasis.

Although all these things may seem to illustrate the album as a rip-off of multiple artists, it is shockingly the exact opposite. Dipz Zebazios achieves something that every band wants to do, yet hardly any band can pull off: being influenced by a plethora of people, yet funneling that in to a distinct, one-of-a-kind sound.

As you take a trip through this album, which you will most definitely do, it all feels vaguely familiar, like something you can’t necessarily put your finger on. The Delta Riggs have successfully combined geniuses of different decades and genres, added a modern touch and successfully made it flow into one smooth and unique sound- and called it Dipz Zebazios.

In a day and age where most don’t pay for music, this is the one to buy. Add it to your Christmas wish list if you have to. Dipz Zebazios is The Delta Riggs’ pathway to international success and is perfectly, outta this world.


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