SXSW 2014: The Silver Palms x Vinyl Mag

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The Silver Palms are a pretty unique band, and I’m not just talking about their sound (which is pretty damn rad – be sure to grab a listen below).  The Camden, Georgia-based band sat down with us at South by Southwest this year to talk about their hatred of Subway, how good-looking they are and what’s up with their all-black uniform (all before our interview got broken up by the cops…yeah, we’re badasses). Just don’t tell them they look like The Beatles.

Vinyl Mag: So, how’s your South By [Southwest] going so far?

Dalton Drury [vocals/guitar]: Alright, I guess. Yesterday was a show with some…bad audience.

VM: What happened?

DD: Well, they seemed like it. The first show was good, but the second show…

VM: I hear that you don’t like Subway. Your Facebook said that.

DD: If you’re an artist, you’re supposed to be cool. Why are you getting branded by Subway?

VM: But you might have something sponsored by Kmart?

DD: Yeah, exactly. That’s a joke. It’s a joke on all those sell outs.

Wade Beahm [bass]: We love Target though.

DD: Yeah, we do love Target. Target’s the stuff.

VM: So, Target can be your sponsor, but you hate Subway.

Adam Drury [guitar]: It’s gross.

VM: So, you like non-branded subs.

Dalton: Non-branded subs.

AD: For bands! For normal people, go at it, you know?

Jordan Scott [drums]: We’re above that.

VM: Can you tell me a little bit more about this all-black look you’ve got going on here?

Wade: We’re The Beatles, man.

DD: At least five times a day we get, ‘Oh look, it’s The Beatles.’

AD: That’s very true, all the time.

DD: We don’t want to look like The Beatles.

WB: The Beatles are a good-looking band, and, obviously, we are too.

VM: I want to hear a little bit more about how you guys started playing together. Can I get a little more of the background?

WB: Jordan broke my hand in football. I thought we were best friends.

JS: Then, our senior year in high school we were like, ‘yo.’ We saw Muse playing a show and we were like, ‘Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could do that?’ Screw going to college; we were going to become a band.

VM: How many shows are you guys playing for South By?

[All]: Four

VM: Tell me a little bit more about your influences for getting into music.

JS: Johnny Cash. We’re southern boys, you know?

VM: What’s your favorite venue you’ve ever played at?

JS: Newcastle. I love you guys so much, because I know you love me.

Wade: Shout out to you guys.

VM: In terms of Austin, are you more of a taco band or more of a barbecue band?

AD: A taco band?

JS: Meat is murder. Be a vegetarian.

VM: Wow! I’m a vegetarian.

DD: I’m not, so don’t high five me.

VM: So, you’re not going to tell us anything about your upcoming shows?

AD: We have a show at the Madison tonight.

VM: Nothing after South By? It’s all secretive.

WB: If you want to know, go on our Facebook.

VM: Tell me about your craziest South By moment.

JS: Last night, I was on a Pedi cab, and this girl was blasting hip-hop music. I was standing around, just whipping my shirt around and partying on. I was dancing, and everyone was chasing us taking pictures, it was great.

DD: We met this cat named Miguel.

VM: Tell me more.

DD: Alright, he has a sex move and a drink named after him.

AD: He’s a stud.

VM: Where did you meet this character?

DD: He’s a bass player, and apparently he’s really good. He was behind the bar making drinks for everyone.

AD: For no reason.

VM: What are you guys excited about for after South By? I know you’re going to some different festivals.

DD: Yeah, but we haven’t announced anything. I don’t know if I’m allowed to.

VM: Super secretive!

Dalton: You shall see if you want to know so much.

AD: Keep your eyes peeled.


*We did as we were told and checked out their Facebook. Voilà! Tour dates below!


Apr 11 Garden Bowl Detroit, MI
Apr 12 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL Tickets
Apr 14 First Avenue Entry Minneapolis, MN
Apr 16 VFW Missoula, MT
Apr 17 El Corazon Seattle, WA
Apr 18 Hawthorne Lounge Portland, OR
Apr 20 Milk Bar San Francisco, CA
Apr 21 The Satellite Los Angeles, CA
Apr 22 The Hideout San Diego, CA
Apr 23 Pub Rock Scottsdale, AZ
Apr 25 City Tavern Dallas, TX
Apr 27 Lamberts Austin, TX
Apr 28 House of Blues Houston Houston, TX
Apr 29 Circle Bar New Orleans, LA


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