The Lovers Key: ‘Here Today Gone Tomorrow’

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I have three Spotify playlists that I feel like I can listen to no matter my mood. The first is a bipolar irrelevance made up of a hodgepodge of genres. The second is dedicated to the soulful sounds of Motown, and the third is filled with 60s rock (minus The Beatles, whose music is “Spotifyless…” Thanks a lot, Paul). If that second and third playlist got together and made a baby, it would be made of bits and bytes and the best MP3 genes available… and it would probably sound a whole lot like The Lovers Key. Comprised of Christopher Moll and Maco Monthervil, The Lovers Key combines retro pop-rock instrumentals with soulful vocals. The band’s debut full-length album, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, is due out in early April, and is a must-listen for any fan of Motown or 60s Rock.

As the album title suggests, The Lovers Key attempts to tap into a bygone era with their 60s style. The album’s 11 tracks are primarily driven by fuzzy guitar and upbeat organ arrangements. Throw in Maco’s soulful, jazzy melodies, and you wind up with an album that seems to be made for head bobbing and finger snapping. Depending on the song, Maco’s voice could draw comparisons to nearly every soul singer from the 60s, but for me his voice falls somewhere between Jimmy Ruffin and Billy Stewart.

One of the things I like most about the album is that it’s not overproduced. There’s a very raw and real sound that coincides with the honest lyrics and the two genres (60s rock and Motown) that the album draws from. That rawness seems to express the band’s heart as much as it does this particular style of music. I listened to the album digitally, but the whole time I felt like it should have been playing on vinyl.  If you only listen to one song from the album, I’d recommend “Tell It Like It Is (Don’t Break It To Me Slow).” While this catchy, upbeat track captures the band at their best, “Maybe I’m Not Good Enough,” and “In A Perfect World” are also must-listens.

It’s awesome that this is the band’s debut album. I mean, they’ve only been together since 2012, so if they can manage to avoid the curse of the sophomore album, then it seems like they have a lot of room to grow and become even better, which is pretty exciting for any fan of retro rock and/or Motown. But before we go talking about a follow-up, give this album a listen. Fortunately for us, the Internet has ensured that basically nothing is actually here today and gone tomorrow, so be sure to snag a copy of Here Today Gone Tomorrow and let the music remind you of a time when records ruled and we didn’t have to wonder why The Beatles’ music isn’t on Spotify.

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