The Best Accessories for Spring

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It may not seem like the best idea to wear coins around your waist and evil eyes around your neck – gypsy much? – but I beg to differ. Problem is, some of these spring runway trends can be oh-so-pricey. Welcome to Vinyl’s fashion-forward, fun, and best of all, affordable take on spring’s accessories trends. I’ve got a low cost handbag for all you hippie chicks and a wallet-friendly belt for every glamazon, and everything in between.

Let’s move from head to toe: first you’ll need a pair of sexy, face-flattering shades. Let 70s screen stars like Diane Keaton and Lauren Hutton inspire you as you choose large-and-in-charge aviators with lenses that’ll turn the world around you a shade of sepia. You could go the pricey 3.1 Philip Lim route…

3.1 Philip Lim

or you could snag this $56 pair from I’m all for the latter.

Now that you’ve saved a little cash, it’s time to give the neck some attention. If you’re a bit of a girly girl, slip on a floral scarf, ascot style. Forever 21 has dozens of flirty styles that I adore, and that are much more affordable at under $10 than scarves by Marc Jacobs and other big name designers.

Forever 21

Marc Jacobs

Not about to don some prissy flowers? Opt for my personal favorite jewelry trend of the moment, the evil eye. The symbol’s said to ward off evil spirits – maybe that’s why Kenzo’s evil eye collection got so much praise. For a cheaper, subtler alternative, hit up this Urban Outfitters string necklace. It’ll only cost you $16.


Urban Outfitters

And what’s more important to your overall look than your handbag? It seems the seventies struck again at the likes of Dries Van Noten and Celine, where dramatic fringe draped nearly to the floor. I prefer this $99 H&M clutch. Because the fringe is already so dramatic, the cream color of the bag is ideal. Stash your lipstick and keys, and prepare to step out in style.
From the waist down, it’s all about figure flattery.



Find inspiration in Dolce & Gabbana’s thick gold belts to dramatically whittle your waist. I found a $48 option at Anthropologie that still maintains the theatrics.

Dolce & Gabbana


And undoubtedly you’re looking for mile-long legs – who isn’t? Enter the mule, spring’s favorite shoe; they’ll make your gams go on for days! Alexander Wang has some sexy scaled ones, but similar Jeffrey Campbell mules exist for hundreds of dollars less – $90, to be exact.

Alexander Wang

Jeffrey Campbell

Whether you wear the above all at once or one at a time is up to you. Onward, trendy lady!

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