Disclosure + Lorde + AlunaGeorge on the BRITS

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Wednesday night included several amazing performances on the BRITS, including Beyoncé and these three musicians: Disclosure, Lorde, and AlunaGeorge. But the three came together in perfect harmony on the BRITS’ stage with a stellar mashup of Lorde’s hit “Royals” and AlunaGeorge’s “White Noise”. If you hate “Royals”, I guarantee that this total 180 of the track will get stuck in your head and get you bumpin’ to the beat. Disclosure gives the song a completely different feel – a Disclosure feel – and it’s not nearly as poppy as the radio version. Disclosure transitions to “White Noise,” a huge hit over in the UK where AlunaGeorge makes her entrance. Make sure you check this one out!


Having grown up in a dress coded Catholic school his entire life, Bobby French had only seen the red and blue polos and the khaki pants of the fashion world. Whenever he saw a red or blue polo out in the wild, he would gasp, turn away quickly, rest the back of his right hand on his forehead, and shed a single tear. After leaving his hometown of Columbus, Georgia, a place he only knew by those ghastly polos, he finally was able to release his inner swag at the University of Georgia. You can see him stomping the sidewalks around campus in his black harem pants, combat boots, graphic tees, and his Bose headphones (not a sponsor, but open to it), while walking to his Music Business class or classes affiliated with his major, Mass Media Arts. What will you hear when you walk past his blasting headphones, you ask? A myriad of artists and genres: he can get down to some Beyonce and One Direction, or even chill out to the sounds of Active Child and James Vincent McMorrow. Most of the time he is jammin' to Soulection Radio shows on SoundCloud - the soul/R&B vibes mixed with the hip/hop beats and trills makes for a winning combination in his mind. Other interests include: sipping on coffee and being a hipster at Hendershots, learning California surfer slang (i.e. “that's so hesh”) watching hours of YouTube videos in one sitting, wasting his life away on social media, shopping online, day-dreaming about being back in London, and swagging out on a daily basis. One day he hopes to be a recording artist or working for a social media headquarters.

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