Years Around the Sun talk about their new album, Incarnation

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I just had the chance to sit down via Skype Chat with Dylan Raasch and Ronnie Dudek from Years Around the Sun about their new album Incarnation, available now.

Years Around the Sun is an indie California band who formed in 2004 (we talk about the band’s history and formation in the interview below). Incarnation is their second full-length album, and let me tell you- it is amazing. I have not stopped listening to it- yes, I am even listening to it right now.

So should you.

I want to thank these guys for doing this interview with me. Skype interviews are a little bit harder to coordinate and get set up, and they were very gracious through the whole process. And just delightful to interview.

So grateful that VINYL was given a chance to feature them and that they were on board with everything.

Check out the interview below:

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