REVIEW: DoFlame’s “Bat House”

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18-year-old DoFlame made his debut just a few weeks ago with single “Bat House.” If I could describe this track in a just one sentence, I’d say, “90s nu trash is back, baby.” But, we have the privilege of free speech, so let’s continue.

I can’t say I expected a 2003 baby to make his debut with such a clash with clangs of 90s alt nostalgia, electronic switches on high and etchings of modern rap weaved throughout. “Bat House” perfectly encompasses teenage rage in a way that is so digestible; loud, angry, demanding of your attention, and they want it now. With an equally chaotic music video, this single is out to break some necks.

Upon some primary research, DoFlame, or Mateo Naranjo, and peers are working on collective OFFLEASH Worldwide, site featuring the “Bat House” video with flaming handheld camcorders surrounding the now old-school video player. Still so new, this group’s progression is something to keep an eye on.

DoFlame’s “Bat House” is available to listen on Youtube and Spotify.

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