Lord Huron at the 40 Watt

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With the neon title of their latest album illuminating the stage behind them and an eerie skeleton prop occupying the stage, Lord Huron filled the sold-out 40 Watt with a heartbreakingly beautiful sound on Wednesday night.

The L.A.-based indie-folk band originally started as a solo act by lead vocalist, Ben Schneider. After the release of a few EP’s, Schneider added four more members and the band quickly rose to success in their live tours. In 2011, they performed at multiple music festivals including Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and Outside Lands. Their debut album, Lonesome Dreams was released in 2012, followed by the 2015 release of Strange Trails, an album which set them up for their next round of live tours.

As fans followed Lord Huron to the 40 Watt, they were treated to the soulful sound of opening act, Son Little, a northeastern-based vocalist. With roots in acoustic blues, vintage soul and a little element of hip-hop, Son Little set the stage for the mellow but blissful noise that followed the rest of the night.

I was anxious to see what elements Lord Huron would bring to the stage in a live performance. With many of their songs inspired by adventure and location—even the name of the band itself—I knew a live setting was the perfect place for them to truly tell their story. The band started off on a mellow note, opening with “Love Like Ghosts,” a track off of their newest album. Schneider told the story of broken hearts and lost love as the lyrics “If you’re leaving, I gotta know why” reverberated around the room. The somber mood quickly turned around, however, with the bouncy rhythm of the next track, “Until The Night Turns,” again off of Strange Trails.

Lord Huron easily demonstrated their talent for layering sounds as a variety of instruments and sound effects were brought to the stage. In the next track, “Dead Man’s Hand,” Schneider surprised the crowd by whirring off a few chords on the harmonica and changing not just one or two, but three guitars throughout the show. The set offered an interesting contrast of sound, fluctuating between mellow and energetic, really giving fans the chance to absorb the emotion-enriched lyrics.FullSizeRender

Of course, the band played a few favorites off their debut album including “Lonesome Dreams” and “She Lit A Fire,” both of which had fans singing along with every lyric. Although the majority of the show took on a relatively gentle and mellow atmosphere, the hand clapping and multiple “oh-oh-ohs,” were successful in getting the crowd adequately consumed in the show.

As the set came to a close, the band sang of being carelessly in love with the hit off of Strange Trails, “Fool For Love.” The ever-popular “Ends of the Earth” closed the show, followed by an encore performance of “The Night We Met” and “Time To Run,” a perfect combination of somber and bright that left the audience on a whimsical high.

Lord Huron brought their vision of the outdoors and adventure to life on the stage, creating an ethereal atmosphere that left the crowd eager to go on an adventure of their own. With the immense talent displayed on the stage Wednesday night, there is no doubt that the band’s fan-base will continue to build and follow them down whatever strange trails lie ahead in the future.


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