8 Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

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As Pitchfork recently pointed out, Instagram is a fascinating social platform because it offers streamlined, intimate snapshots into a person’s life – which can get especially juicy when the user is a famous musician. But not all gram games are created equal. Here are eight artists you should maybe, probably, definitely be following on the ‘Gram.


Coachella 2014. Photo by @rachaeltension.

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Most of their pictures are live shots copped from their professional photog, but if you’re a fan of live music pics, you’ll adore their posts.

7. Sylvan Esso (@sylvanesso)


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Sylvan Esso are known for their funky fashion choices, and there’s no better place to broadcast their outfits than Instagram.

6. Viet Cong (@vietcongband)

Sweet boat, Lyon. #weplayedabarge #gnarbounty

A photo posted by Viet Cong (@vietcongband) on

This is a band that prefers industrial and landscape shots over selfies, and knows how to do it well.

5. Nightmare Air (@Nightmareair)

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These guys are great at offering up humorous and epic snapshots of their busy touring life, so it’s ALMOST like being on tour with them…almost.

4. Kishi Bashi (@kishi_bashi)


Kishi Bashi is like the quiet but brilliant friend you have – his posts are friendly but also smart.

3. HOLYCHILD (@holychild)

ice cream king

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These guys are absolute masters of perspective and use of natural lines – their grams are immensely aesthetically pleasing.

2. Bright Light Social Hour (@tblsh)

No pants til Brooklyn #hifashion #soldout

A photo posted by The Bright Light Social Hour (@tblsh) on

These absurd Austinian jokesters like to post funny pictures, but are also masters of making bright colors brighter.

1. St. Vincent (@st_vincent)

Beware the dark omen.

A photo posted by St. Vincent (@st_vincent) on

Sure, we’re not the first pub to remark upon her Gram game, but her dry wit and eye for finding unusual in the mundane make her account a must-follow.

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