SXSW 2015 Tour Diary: Tribe Society

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NY-based five-piece Tribe Society survived the beast that is South by Southwest, and they have mixed feelings about it.  We asked them to document their journey for us, and they delivered.  We’ve got sword fights, a pic from their biggest show, and one sad flute player.  Check out their tour diary below.

Tribe Society also just dropped their debut mixtape, Delirium Sonata. Give it a listen.

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SXSW is an amazing yet horrible experience. On our first day out, we quickly found what makes SXSW incredible; anybody who has a passion for music can just set up on the street and rock the fuck out. Kinda like this dude making beats on tiny blown computer speakers that you can barely hear. His grooves were nasty but he might of been a little shy cause he was hiding quite a few streets away from 6th ave. Luckily our bass player, Rory found him and gave him two horns up.


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