Kendrick Lamar: “The Blacker the Berry”

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After an interesting night at the Grammy’s, rap icon Kendrick Lamar shocked fans with the release of his new single, “The Blacker the Berry.”

With help from producer Boi-1da, Kendrick Lamar uses his lyrical gifts to shine light once again upon social issues pertaining to our generation’s form of evolved racism. Not to mention Lamar’s genius timing, as February is also Black History Month.

The music behind the lyrics presents a of haunting tone. Full of dubs and loops, the tune will get stuck in your head and bring a little badassery to your day.

The lyrics, on the other hand, are evocative of the hate and rage that any ostracized person feels. He raps, “You hate me don’t you / I know you hate me just as much as you hate yourself / jealous of my wisdom and cards I dealt / Watchin me as I pull up, fill up my tank, then peel out”  – perfect for the theme he presents.

As a whole, the song is a bit of off tempo. The lyrics really do not match up with music behind it, and the lyrics are very oddly placed. Regardless of the failure to follow formula, the song is genius and an oddity that will continue to gain Lamar the respect he rightly deserves.


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