Watch: Pharrell and Cara Delevingne: “CC the World”

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Seven minutes and 46 seconds. That’s how long will take you to go through reincarnation and transform into a more whimsical, fashionable, and cultured individual. At least that’s the impression that I received after watching the “Reincarnation” short film by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

The short film, which is to accompany Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art show, stars singer Pharrell Williams and the lovely Cara Delevingne! Based off of Coco Chanel’s actual holiday vacation to Austria where she was inspired by a hotel elevator operator’s uniform to design the iconic Chanel jacket, the video is a half-Cinderella/half-Night at the Museum plot including a duet by Pharrell and Cara D titled “CC the World.”  Yes, I said Cara D. She sings in this film!

Pharrell acts as the hotel elevator operator and Cara D plays a maid or waitress, and both transform into the painting of the wall of who I assume to be royalty of Austria, including Austrian Empress Elisabeth (who went by “SiSi”). Coupling some Victorian dance moves and the sheer beauty of Pharrell and Cara together makes the video addicting for viewers. Other cast members in the film include Geraldine Chaplin – the daughter of Charlie Chaplin – as Chanel, and Lady Amanda Harlech.

Check out the video below for yourself. Because Cara. Like, what can she NOT do?


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