Alvvays at the Drunken Unicorn on November 15

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We rely on music to transport us via our imaginations to far away places opposite of current surroundings. Last Saturday at the Drunken Unicorn, as the temperature dropped well below the national average for Atlanta, Toronto-based Alvvays carried the crowd away to a place to where sun and sand are plentiful and summer love is in bloom.

Decked out in their matching white converse, they opened the show with “The Agency Group”, a slow but climactic track that showcases the peaks and depth of Molly Rankin’s vocal range blended well with Alec O’Hanley’s crooning guitar.

With her thick Canadian accent and effortless rapport with the audience, Rankin’s stage presence is absolutely infectious. Perhaps it was just the ambiance of the venue that caused one audience member to say, “I think she’s the closest I’ll ever get to seeing an actual unicorn.”

Slow and deliberate, “Dives” featured Rankin and keyboardist Kerri MacLellan harmonizing fluidly, a testament to the long-term friendship between the two women.

In a refreshing change of pace, Alvvays chose to play their most notable single “Archie, Marry Me”well before the end of the show as the crowd sung along with Rankin. The track recently gained even more attention last week after being covered by Ben Gibbard in Seattle.

“Party Police” was perhaps the truest test of Rankin’s vocal range in a live setting and one she passed with flying colors as she raised her voice one octave towards the end of: Don’t have to leave, you could just stay here with me. This is just one example of the bands quirky and natural style that translates well from outlet to audience.

For the encore the band chose to play a new song called “Haircut”, a more post-punk influenced track that still encompasses the dreamy sound we’re used to. After the show we caught up with drummer, Phil MacIsaac who said that while they enjoy playing new songs, there are no plans to record a new album anytime soon. “We’ve been touring our asses off, there’s just not enough time right now,” He said. Alvvays kicks off their international tour in 2015 and will open for the Decemberists in March.

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