Watch: Leighton Meester and Dana Williams cover “You & Your Sister”

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Are these just minor coincidences, or can nearly every former cast member from the CW’s Gossip Girl sing like a heavenly angel?

You’ve got Taylor Momsen in The Pretty Reckless, Penn Badgley and MOTHXR, and here’s Leighton Meester doubling up with soulstress Dana Williams in a synchronized and beautiful cover of Chris Bell’s “You & Your Sister.” Harmony at its best, Meester and Williams bring together their perfectly complementary voices to sing the song in a husky, sway-inducing ballad as if the two were actual sisters.

Between the runs and raspy high notes, the song is perfect for cruising down a country road or dancing hand in hand in a field of grass.

Meester, who dropped her album Heartstrings a few weeks ago, shows that she has a place in the music biz. Check out for yourself below!


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