Watch: Taylor Swift: “Blank Space”

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As I’m sure you all have heard about and/or seen, Taylor Swift’s video for her 1989 track “Blank Space” was released earlier this week (twice, actually, counting that awkward time that Yahoo completely effed up and leaked it prematurely).

In the video – which some are claiming to be Swift’s best yet – T.Swift starts off in this extravagant relationship in this extravagant mansion doing all the extravagant things that wealthy people do – painting portraits of her lover, eating at ridiculously long dinner tables, and riding white horses through her impressive acreage. The relationship is all great until Swift cathches the guy texting another girl, and she goes completely batsh*t crazy.

Nowhere near the insanity of the movie “Misery” or Pink’s “Please Don’t Leave Me” video, Swift still manages to pull of the “overly attached girlfriend” look with mascara running down her wide-eyed face and slashing the portrait of her former beau. She also completely destroys his cars, smashing the hood and headlights with a golf club. Who’s the mean one now, Taylor?

Check out the video below to see the craziness yourself. But, in my opinion, forget Taylor. Who’s the hottie?


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