Listen: MOTHXR: “Stranger”

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This is the sound you need.

The Brooklyn-based quartet, MOTHXR, released a new single for fans Wednesday by the name of “Stranger.” However, strangers we are not to this dark and suave band led by frontman Penn Badgley – yes, the dude from Gossip Girl.

Along with the other members of MOTHXR – Simon Oscroft, Jimmy Giannopoulos, and Darren Will – “Stranger” is has an amazing slow and steady beat whose origins I can’t really pinpoint.

The song comes off as having some R&B influences, causing those listening along to end up rocking like Stevie Wonder playing the keyboard. The beat has this ’70s funk-a-delic feel to it and makes you imagine driving along in a big city like Atlanta or L.A. at night when all the lights are glowing. The vocals are like a mix of Robin Thicke with the edgy style of soul and Sam Smith with the smooth runs on certain words. The repetition of “I don’t give a f**k at all” just adds that something special to the song that makes you want to play it over and over again.

Music from the band before “Stranger” includes their three prior songs: “Easy,” “Victim” and “Centerfold.” These songs are also huge hits among fans of MOTHXR (ahem, “Victim”) and are very telling of the future of the band.

Check out “Stranger” for yourself below. Forget Gossip Girl, MOTHXR is where it’s at.


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