Watch: Ed Sheeran: “Thinking Out Loud”

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Ed Sheeran has been recruiting an army of fans since his first studio album was released in 2011. His mounting success in Britain followed him to the US, and he’s been growing his musical career ever since. If it wasn’t already apparent from Sheeran’s own music, he’s an incredibly talented songwriter, having written for the likes of One Direction and co-written with his best friend, Taylor Swift. With only two studio albums, the talented singer has already achieved monumental success and continues to be a game-changer in the industry.

The video for “Thinking Out Loud” fits the style of the song, which is a ballad. Frequent radio listeners may only know Sheeran for his funky, pop hits such as “Sing” and “Don’t.” Much like any ballad, “Thinking Out Loud” shows a lesser-known side of the artist.

The video reflects this also. In it, Sheeran debuts his dancing skills, a very rare sight to behold. This isn’t full-out breakdancing or anything bizarre – instead, he shows off graceful old-school ballroom dancing.  Sheeran acts as the support for his partner’s lifts and twirls, as she is the true star of the video. Her dance moves are flawless and unwavering, as Sheeran mostly dances in place.

Equally as surprising is Sheeran’s wardrobe change. The singer ditches his usual t-shirt-and-jeans attire in exchange for a vest and dress pants.  His unique personality still finds a way to shine through without him being the star. Even though he appears sans guitar, he finds a way to incorporate air guitar into the video, adding a touch of playfulness to the serious song. The music video is a beautiful portrayal of dancing that matches the true eloquence of the ballad.

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