Vine Sensation: Us the Duo

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If you know anything about Vine, you know its many uses. Whether they are used for making a funny dance craze popular, showing short clips of the news, or just you and your friends saying hey to the world, those six seconds can end up being the beginning of something amazing.

This is nothing short of the truth for Vine couple, Us the Duo. This husband-and-wife duo, Michael and Carissa, are among the most popular Viners with 4 million followers for their six-second covers of popular songs, recently including Naughty Boy’s “La La La” ft. Sam Smith.

The couple call themselves “pop-folk songwriters,” and their music, vocals, and instrumentals live up to that. The couple has a sound that isn’t really familiar, but you love it either way.

Through Vine, the duo gained a wider audience and made fans out of people who may not have known them for their earlier videos on YouTube. Both are musicians (if you couldn’t tell) and married after releasing their first self-titled album in 2012.  Their second album, No Matter Where You Are, was re-released this past May and made it’s way to the top 10 on iTunes. The couple has continued making a name for itself since, performing at weddings, going on tours, and much more.

They even have a show tomorrow in Newark, New Jersey! Their set is a part of the Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend and will be held at the Prudential Center. Tickets are available here.

To listen to more of Us the Duo, check out their Spotify.

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