Up and Coming: Jesse Gimbel

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Jesse Gimbel is a indie rocker based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where his studio “is the real deal” – his parent’s basement. He is a multi-talented, self-declared audio nerd and has worked with many musicians on projects of their own.

Recently, he released his single, “Don’t Get Comfortable.” The single comes off of Gimbel’s first solo album from Wissahickon Records and is definitely a must hear for any true music geek. The song has the soft and longing vocals of an indie but still embraces the instrumentals of rock. “Don’t Get Comfortable” follows the vulnerability one feels from the end of a relationship, and the video follows that same theme.

With the amazing cinematography, the video portrays the lingering thought of lost love through the symbol of a growing white dot throughout the video. Add the guitar solo to that, and you easily have yourselves a new favorite song.

Outside of his own music, Gimbel is a producer, graphic designer, and a photographer. He has been featured in other artists’ music prior to his venture into the solo world. His upcoming album, “Decathect”, is to be released sometime this fall.  You can download “Don’t Get Comfortable” here.

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