Lydia: ‘Illuminate’ Tour

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There truly is nothing better than being at a show surrounded by dedicated and enthusiastic fans. It feels as if time has stopped, and the only thing that matters in the world is about to walk out on stage and put on a show just for you. I was lucky enough to be a part of that phenomenon at Lydia’s sold out show in Atlanta, where the band played their beloved album Illuminate from start to finish.

Lead singer Leighton Antelman walked out to the middle of the modest stage with white sheets in the background, illuminated (no pun intended) with colorful lights. They began to play “This Is Twice Now,” a sort of melancholy song that the crowd sang along to with fervor. Transitioning into “A Fine Evening For a Rouge,” an initially calm track that climaxes towards the end, the crowd belted out “don’t you ever get lonely!”

When Antelman began to play “I Woke Up Near The Sea,” the crowd lost it, and I heard someone proclaim, “This is what I came here for – this damn song!”  With hard-hitting drums and powerful lyrics – which Antelman had to scream to be heard over the crowd’s raucous singing – it’s not surprising this song is a fan favorite.

“Hospital” started, and Antelman alternated between singing softly to yelling and dancing around the stage during the drum and guitar solos. For “Fate,” he asked for some vocal support from the crowd, which was happy to oblige.

What started out as a bitter ode to a misguided love affair, “Sleep Well” turned surprisingly upbeat. Former band member Mindy White had a prominent role on the track, a responsibility given entirely to the crowd as Antelman supervised, blown away at their ability (and enthusiasm) to sing her part.

“Stay Awake” is another crowd favorite that starts out slow but packs a powerful punch. The crowd once again belted out every lyric, never missing a beat. The song climaxed, and Antelman did a wonderful job trying to sing over the crowd during this up-tempo track.

“All I See” started out with ominous guitar and keyboard, making the song a mix of beautiful and creepy. A steady drum beat and Antelman’s suggestive lyrics combined to make this mellow track superbly sexy.  “One More Day” followed the pattern of the album’s tendency to switch from mellow to upbeat without warning. The song features a beautiful guitar solo, pulled off with excellence.

“Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving,” a track that heavily features White on the album, was sung almost entirely by Antelman with grace (though, of course, he had some help from the audience).

It isn’t difficult to see why this album resonates so deeply with fans. An amalgamation of soothing guitar and keyboard that morphs into intense cautionary tales of broken hearts accompanied by high impact drums is Lydia’s recipe for success. However, the special ingredient to this tour seems to be the devoted fans that follow Antelman faithfully in and out of his moody lyrics, stirring the pot of a delicious dish that anyone can appreciate.

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