Style Steal: David Bowie

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Years ago, in 1969, David Bowie’s single “Space Oddity” landed on earth. With it, Bowie brought a sense of style the world had never seen. From androgynous space suits and fascinating prints to sparkles and fur, Bowie never failed to completely blow away the rules of fashion as he did the same to the rules of music. We brought a few of his signature styles down to earth this week, while still reaching for the stars.

This first outfit is inspired by Bowie’s love for black and white stripes. We paired a basic black peplum top from an Athens, Georgia store, Pitaya, with some chevron parachute pants from American Threads and some far out jewelry. Shapes are very important, and lines and peplum make this outfit stand out.

This next outfit is straight from space. We built this outfit around the shoes, which I got off as a part of their Shoe Cult collection.  We paired them with wild space leggings and a faux fur coat, both from local Athens vintage stores Dynamite and Agora. The necklace is a Goodwill find, where unique jewelry is always abounding. David Bowie had a knack for weird leggings and fur, and we thought this outfit did his style justice without being as out-there as Major Tom himself. This outfit is perfect for a concert or a night out. Or the moon. Your call.

The leggings in this next outfit were also from Dynamite and were impossible to pass up in an article about David Bowie’s style. Not only are they tight, but they are incredibly bright with an exotic print. We added a faux leather top from American Threads to complement the leggings without taking too much away from them. We used Bowie’s love of blazers to finish off the outfit.

The last outfit is a one shoulder sparkly dress from Macy’s. We absolutely love the radiant vitality of the dress and the triangle shape pattern. It reminds us of the leotards that Bowie loved to wear on stage. But a little bit more suitable for those of us who aren’t from Mars.

David Bowie’s music set him apart from all the other pop musicians of his time. But he took it a step further with his style. Before there was Madonna or Lady Gaga or even Miley Cyrus with their shocking fashion statements, Bowie was breaking down the walls of the fashion world and blasting off into space. Now, especially coinciding with the rise of electronic music, that futuristic space style has become a modern trend. By updating and adapting David Bowie’s unique fashion sense, you can make a statement that will attract satellites and suitors alike.

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