RAW Natural Born Artists: PIXELS at Terminal West: Art

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Photos by Benjamin Etter

Where can you find feminist, hiphop performance art, utensil jewelry, and photos of naked women standing near Atlanta landmarks? You’re best bet is a Raw Natural Born Artist showcase like the one held last Wednesday at Terminal West. Pixels featured music, art, photography, fashion, performance and make-up artists.

The visual pieces were hung on display on chain-linked fences that surrounded the main stage where three talented music acts would perform. Jewelry booths were set up in the adjoining room while performance art and a fashion show completed the evening.

Photographer Q. Oliver’s portion of fence was swarming with interested people all night. His stunning black and white photographs featured women of all shapes and ethnicities standing completely or partially nude in the middle of some of Atlanta’s busiest streets.  I was told he captures the photos in the early morning hours to avoid too much attention from passer-byes and law enforcement. Check out Q.Oliver’s photos here.

Q. Oliver’s photography

Jewelry designer Mallory Wingo of WingostarrJewelery incorporates natural gemstones with everyday items like forks and spoons to create some very unique pieces. She strives to make customized pieces with the time consuming process of hammering letter stamps into the metal of her designs. Shop WingostarrJewelery here.

Danielle Deadwyler a.k.a Didi Xio’s performance art incorporated hiphop beats and social commentary on gender and race stereotypes. She first engaged the audience by having a man hold one end of a noose, wrapping herself up in the other end and pulling on it violently while she recited poetic verses. She then took the stage in a fierce mental rap while including the audience in a game of dice. Deadwyler’s performance was powerful and hard-hitting. Preview Didi Xio’s musical storytelling here.


These are just three of the many incredible artists on display at the Pixels showcase. Raw Natural Born Artists is an international organization connecting local artists to their community while providing them the creative freedom to perfect their craft. You can learn more about this organization and support local artists here.

Didi Xio performing

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