Give to Get

South by Southwest 2015 is already fast approaching! Can you believe it’s already been a year since we were shamelessly begging for financial assistance for SXSW 2014?  Just call us Oliver Twist, because – you guessed it – we want some more.

Vinyl Mag has taken off, thanks to all of you, and we’ve grown really fast…

Which is fantastic.

But it also means (according to our business manager) that we hit cash flow problems sometimes.

We need your help so we can update our equipment SXSW this year and represent the heck out of some Vinyl Mag.  Last year was a raging success, but we learned a few things, like…memory cards don’t always work the way you want, microphones can fail you, and there’s no way to cover a festival without a zoom lens. You know what that means? Gotta get more equipment, and then backups for the equipment we already have. Go figure.

How can you help, you (hopefully) ask?  We’re doing our own version of micro-fundraising right here, with the Give to Get ProjectClick below to send us some bucks, and we’ll send some Vinyl Mag swag your way.

So – If you love us (you do, right?), Vinyl Mag could use a little help from our friends.  We’re needy. Help us. We’ll love you forever…even more than we already do.  #savewalterwhitedotcom

$5 or more -You’ll get your name up on our site with our sincerest of thanks

$10 or more - All of the above + a Vinyl Mag sticker…because stickers are awesome

$20 or more - All of the above + a pair of Vinyl Mag sunglasses

$50 or more - All of the above + a Vinyl Mag t-shirt

$100 or more -  All of the above + a Mystery Prize Pack…

$500 or more (Mom?) - All of the above + …another Mystery Prize Pack…+ eternal unwavering gratitude