Hangout 2016: Artists To Watch

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Hangout 2016

With headlining acts like The Weeknd, Alabama Shakes and Ellie Goulding flocking to the shores of Hangout this year, there’s no doubt that 2016 will be one to remember. But when it comes to festivals, sometimes it’s the artists who are on the verge of becoming household names that will end up being your favorite acts of the weekend. From indie-rock to alternative pop, R&B and folk, this year’s Hangout boasts an eclectic mix of artists. To make sure you catch the best, we compiled a list of 10 acts you won’t want to miss.

Atlas Genius


Australian indie rockers Atlas Genius caught people’s attention when their hit “Trojans” made it’s way into the blogosphere. With their catchy lyrics, dance-infused melodies and two full-length albums under their belt, it’s not hard to see that the young band is on their way to mainstream success.



The Nashville-based quartet brings a noisy, upbeat sound to the stage that is sure to keep you on your feet. With a sound undeniably influenced by grunge, the band has a unique sound and a raw talent. Their fiery debut album, Feels Like was written, produced and engineered by lead vocalist Alicia Bognanno.



Louisiana-based indie pop outfit has a self-described “afro-beat, dancy pants, indie pop love music” sound. Steeped in the culture and traditions of their native home, the band relies heavily on spirited vocals and has been compared to bands like Vampire Weekend and Dirty Projectors.

Half Moon Run


Known for their expansive, emotional and ethereal lyrics, Canadian rockers Half Moon Run are sure to be a hit at this year’s Hangout. With complex arrangements, inspired by both classical and modern composers, each live show strikingly showcases the band’s raw talent and eclectic musical background.


KALEO_press1 -Alexandra Valenti - HI RES2

You won’t want to miss the driving indie folk sound this quartet brings to the stage. Hailing from Iceland, the band started playing together as teenagers, adopting the name “Kaleo”—a Hawaiian word for “the sound.” Inspired by a mix of blues, folk, country and rock, the band’s eclectic sound is one you won’t want to get out of your head.

Magic Man


Synth-heavy beats and mesmerizing vocals are the defining factors of this Boston-based band. After the release of their debut full-length album in 2014, the electronic rockers gained a solid foundation and one can only look forward to what lies ahead in the future.

Muddy Magnolias


The innovative duo is dropping their debut album this summer and one can only guess at the success that is poised to follow. They portray the everyday experience of the 21st century woman through a powerful and mesmerizing sound, and their bluesy, soulful vibe is one you will not want to miss out on.

The Griswolds


These indie rockers are known for their catchy tunes, upbeat lyrics and–staying true to the ways of their Australian home–laidback lifestyle. Since the release of their debut album Be Impressive, they’ve toured with fellow indie rockers Passion Pit and Walk The Moon and they are sure to bring their impressive sound to the beaches of Gulf Shores.

The Revivalists


New Orleans-based rockers The Revivalists fuse an eclectic blend of rock, R&B, soul, folk and funk into a sound that can only be described as unique. Although they were formed from a chance encounter, it is evident that more than just sheer luck has put this band on the radar.

The Struts


The classic rock style and big, bright vocals these English rockers bring to the stage make for a performance you can’t help but sing and dance along to. On the heels of their latest release, Everybody Wants, there’s no doubt that their performance will be unapologetically rock ‘n’ roll.

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