Spooky Playlist

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With Halloween right around the corner, it makes sense that every store around the block has their decorations on display.  When it comes to your music library, it should be with the times.  We’ve handpicked some great songs to combine into a playlist all in the theme of Halloween, with spooky things in every song title.  Hopefully the only thing that goes “bump” in the night will be some jams.


  1. “Calling All Skeletons” – Alkaline Trio


  1. “Halloween All Year” – The Orwells


  1. “Skeleton Jar” – Youth Group


  1. “Holy Fucking Ghost” – Owls


  1. “Walking With a Ghost” – Tegan and Sara


  1. “Spooky Ghosts” – SNCKPCK


  1. “Halloween Parade” – Lou Reed


  1. “Halloween Blues” – The Fratellis


  1. “There’s Too Much Talk About Ghosts” – Park Jefferson


  1. “Weighty Ghost” – Wintersleep


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