Ryan Adams Covers Taylor Swift

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What was thought to be a strange idea (maybe even a joke) has come to be reality. Opposites attract between indie rocker, Ryan Adams and pop princess, Taylor Swift. Adams is said to be covering the entirety of Swift’s album, 1989, and Adams has confirmed this with various Instagram posts. “Guaranteed saddest version of Welcome to New York ever – or your tears back,” he captions one of his latest teasers. From the brief clips Adams presents to us, it sounds as if his covers are mostly acoustic (specifically in the style of The Smiths) and played in his signature smooth style with a hint of rock and a twinge of country.

If the full-length versions are as good as the snippets, this potential cover album could be a beautiful thing. Adams and Swift have very different fan groups; Swift fans might stumble upon this amazing solo artist and be exposed to entirely new genre of music, and visa versa, Adams might turn some of his fans on to Swift’s original pop style. Either way, both artists are very admirable. Cover songs and albums are difficult in the sense that they have to add something new and unique to the original track, and Adams does just that; he changes the tempo and style of the original while also putting his own brand on it, making it just as good, if not better, than the original.

And what does Swift think about this? Here is a girl who has risen to fame within the last five years, whose songs are so hard to track down, considering she is no longer on Spotify, and Ryan Adams, a long-time indie artist with almost a cultish fan base, decides to cover on of her most popular albums. Apparently Swift is just as excited as we are, tweeting “Is this true? I WILL PASS OUT.” Is a new friendship blossoming? Perhaps a duet is in order…

Bad Blood #1989 What a song. Damn.

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